Best Video Production for Education Provider

ANALOGUE. produces remarkable videos that will increase the school’s perceived value, impress potential students and their parents before they even step foot on the campus.

We believe having high-quality videos will have exponential returns, helps parents making the decision on enrolling on the school.

We also provide livestream service for school events, like graduation ceremonies and concerts.
Students and parents are able to participate in the events over the Livestream, during this difficult time when many attendees can’t attend the events physically.


We are filming in 6K (24Mp) resolution.
which is 3 times bigger than 4k (8Mp).

Done in 24hrs

Digital Marketing can't wait!
We deliver edited videos within 24 hours after filming.

Videos for Mobile

Yes! We do produce vertical videos for Instgram Stories, Tik Tok & etc.

Branding Video

Testimonial Video

The folliowing testimonial videos filmed by Ben William and edited by ANALOGUE.

Social Media Videos

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