We are:

Photographer & Videographer

Captures emotions & mood


Hello! We are Terry & Sylvia

Story-Grapher who loves to capture emotion & mood.

We have been filming for over 6 years and have traveled the world to capture some of the most amazing couples and captivating love stories. Terry & Sylvia has a very engaging and captivating style to their films that focuses on each couple and their story. Their style can be described as a beautiful Fine Art visual of color balanced with emotional story driven films. Every film is uniquely tailored to each couple while still showcasing the beauty of the couple with a strong focus on audio and story in every film. Terry & Sylvia has filmed over 200 weddings and is constantly producing high-end quality films with a premiere demand for perfection in every detail. 



最好的合作关系,便是——你知. 我懂